DC Move It Services

“Move it or remove it – we’ll do it”
All DC Move It services are designed as single modules which gives our clients the flexibility to select their own combination of services to suit their individual needs & budget.


One of the DC Move It team’s will come in to pack the entire contents of your house & garage or office – except for personal items. The only thing we request is that you throw away or get us to remove any old broken or unwanted items before we pack.

Packing Materials
We stock a large range of sturdy new & used packing boxes, protective materials like bubble wrap, packing tape with dispensers & a whole lot more. This service gives you the option of packing yourself or getting the well-trained DC Move It team to do the hard work.

Full House Moves
This service includes moving all the house & garden furniture & household contents plus the contents of your garages (excluding vehicles, caravans & trailers). As an optional extra (only on full house move packages) we can organise a “once off” quick clean of your old home before the new owners move in & also do the same in your new house before you arrive.

Office Moves
The most important criteria is to keep the business down time to the minimum. We work with our clients on the logistics to ensure that your business can keep operating throughout the move.

Temporary moves into storage
If you need to move your possessions into temporary storage we will organise the moves for you.

Mini Moves
These moves are designed to move one or a few items. It could be a large piece of furniture that needs moving or a few pieces that will fit into a bakkie.

Garden Refuse Removal
DC Move It offer an ad hock service for individual homes & also custom built contacts that meet the requirements of a large Estate, Office Park or housing complexes.

Mixed Loads Removals
DC Move It remove & dispose of any old, unwanted or broken household items like a washing machine or an old lounge suite (we do not remove dustbin rubbish).

We will unpack your furniture & household contents (excluding personal items).

Removal of Packing Materials
When we move you & if you have purchased the packing materials from us we will remove “ free of charge” your packing materials if it is within 7 days of your move. This offer only applies to moves within the Dolphin Coast, the packaging is in a good condition & not wet.

Leisure Vehicle Moves
Moving house can often entail more than just the furniture & household contents. If you have a caravan, trailer, boat, bike or quad that needs to move with you we may be able to help.

Other Service Providers
We are happy to recommend other specialist service suppliers to help you settle into your new home.

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